Deslions French painter & Cryptoartist founder of the Street Comics Art movement

Severine Deslions is a rebel whose presence is felt in each step of staging her character “Speed Boy”, the superhero she has created through her struggles …

Partly borrowed from the world of comics and inspirationally fed from Basquiat, De Kooning or Miro, Speedboy marks the paintings with his presence; a kind of consciousness surrounded by the black line so much liked by Keith Haring…

Armed to fight injustice and to bring back a touch of humanity to our world. “Speed Boy” offers us a reassuring and protective support. Like a Big Brother to the artist, he seems to scout the way while protecting her.

Our unconscious universes are often populated with actors who are somehow close  to us, here the artist infers and proposes: interpretation, distribution and scenario for the pleasure of cultivating our imaginations…

it is very difficult in these conditions to determine the role of either and to know who, Séverine or Speedboy, rules over the destiny of the other…

C. Favereau
Director of the Palm Game association (Jeu de Paume)

Museum of the Castle of Tours


French artist painter,

Severine DesLions conquers the world with her iconic “Speedboy” character.
In 2017, she created a new artistic movement :
“Street Bd Art” Fusion between street art and cartoons, comics dear to his childhood.
Speedboy has already made his little round-the-world trip, putting down his bags in the United States and Mexico, then flying over Lebanon and Abu-Dhabi, not to mention Hong-Kong and South Korea.  But he is already ready to set off again to conquer new adventures …
 Since mid-2021, DesLions is ready to face a new artistic challenge by joining the new wave of crypto artists.  Her new collection of NFT digital work will be on the blockchain around end-November 2021.
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